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Twenty years ago a cosy corner restaurant at the north end of Bondi Beach started serving Japanese food. In 1995, when that restaurant, RAW BAR first opened, sashimi and sushi were exotic fare for Sydney-siders. Now we see sushi trains everywhere and if you did a spot check on Sydney streets, everyone would know that, for example, sashimi is raw fish.

These days, sashimi platters at RAW BAR start at six pieces and with options at less than fifteen bucks are incredibly keenly priced. You can select just one type of fish, or choose an assortment. Kingfish carpaccio is another light raw fish fresh option for a hot Sydney day – or for any lunch or dinner. But although the restaurant name may hint at it, the menu is not all raw. Go for tempura oysters where the batter keeps the shellfish soft and creamy and just warmed through; the little wave of wasabi mayonnaise and the splash of roe lifted these morsels a little bit higher. RAW BAR eggplant is luscious and popular, as is the yakitori

And you know the go. I’m sure you do. In Japanese cuisine you eat ‘rice’ dishes – like sushi – last. Rice, to finish as it’s filling. Here, we’re particularly fond of the popular RAW BAR inside out sushi.

Of course the beverage list does include a selection of sake, but our lunchtime beverage for our summer visit was an ice cold beer. At the outdoor table next to us, two surfers popped a bottle of Veuve. Just wondering? Just a drink at lunch in the middle of the day – with some RAW BAR sushi and sashimi – between the waves of the morning and the afternoon. With Bondi Beach just across the road, could there be a better way to spend a Friday.